About US, the Christ-based Team
We are pastors from some of the largest denominations in the nation.  We
are a growing registry of state licensed counselors, social workers, students
and lay ministers.  We are graduates from universities, colleges, and seminaries. 
But we count it all as dung for the high calling of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, we
are NOT political or civil rights activists though we pray for world leaders and
believe in civil responsibility and justice (Romans 13:1-7; 1 Peter 2:11-17).  Our
primary concern is NOT abortion, homosexuality, or activist judges.   The
government is NOT where our clergy, counselors, educators, or schools seek
affirmation, licensing, or accreditation to fulfill the Great Commission. We are
NOT so invested in "this place" that we forget we are but strangers and aliens
on the earth (Hebrew 11:3; 1 Peter 2:11).  Though we desire to live peaceably
with all, we refuse to be co-opted.  And though our principal virtue is love--as
with Jesus--we disturb and threaten status quo "Christianity and atheist alike."
As a result some may consider us to be on the "outskirts."  Our purpose AND
our  mission is to share Jesus Christ, and prepare-to-share Jesus through every
mean AND every method. WE still believe that if we lift Jesus, He'll set people
free from every sin, weight, and care.   We are NOT called by Him to any other
effort, AND neither is there time.  In our third decade, we are (A-three-Sees):

Staff Directory:

Senior Ministry Officer and Executive Director: Dr. Steven B. DavidSon
Chairman and Associate Director for Consulting Service: Roger Weaver
Associate Director, National Association of Certified Christ-based Counselors: Dr. Dennise Bates
Associate Director, Faith-life Programs, Milk-to-Maturity: Dr. Dennise Bates (Acting)
Associate Director, Chaplain's Ministry to the Incarcerated, Dr. Tony M. Thurston
Associate Director for Seminary and Post-Secondary Education, Dr. Jerry Huey
Associate Director for Elementary and Secondary Education, Dr. Linda McMurray
Pastor of Clergy Benefits: Elder Kent Green
Associate Director for Special Programs:  Deborah Green

Support Staff and Referrals:

Business and Web Ministries Operations Manager, Timothy R. DavidSon
Graphics Design, Taiese DavidSon-Brown
Ministry Accounting: Lester Robinson
Psychiatrist Referral: Lisa-Pierce Johnson, MD

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