This is a First Century Church Experience with Twenty-First Century Technology
(Sponsored by the nation's leading Christ-based Ministry)
"And they were all amazed, and they glorified God..."
Luke 5:17-26

Amazing Things The Church is a First Century experience.

Purpose: The purpose of this ministry is to encourage, strengthen, and build a ministry-bond for saints being equipped for ministry and prepared for slaying the enemy of our souls to the glory of Jesus Christ our Lord through reading narrative Scripture, sharing, and prayer.  Remember, this is how the New Testament Church operates going from house-to-house (ACTS 5:42).   Also, their principal fellowship standard was searching the Scriptures.  Today, there are many trappings that are acceptable only if the resources and time are concentrated on the Scriptures.  The believers in Berea represented the model (Acts 17:10-12).

Weekly Live Video and Phone Session

Amazing Scripture Search:
Thursday 7 pm CT - Final Church Generation, Biblical Literature
Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, 1 & 2 Thessalonians, The Book of Revelation
Phone: 605 562 0020 Code: 272 026 351
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Requirement: While we encourage anyone to attend, the core is our team members. When no one else will accept you, or you are treated like an outcast, you are welcomed.  We only ask that you honor these guidelines.  It is also for other persons who want to be a part of a Church experience strictly focused on Scripture and equipping believers for core ministry.  Are you an RSO - Redeemed, Strengthened, Over-comer participant? Here's the program covenant.
Narrative Scripture: These are the parts of the Bible principally in story-form. Narrative Scripture also lends itself to the participant's personal discovery about the attributes of God, life principles, Bible personalities and events.
Pastoral Lead: This is the person who assigns and schedules the Pastoral facilitator.
Recommended Bible: Facilitators need to have a contemporary Bible. The preferred reading Bible is the New Living Translation. Other similar reading Bibles: New International Version, Amplified Bible. Participants can have any acceptable version: King James, New American Standard Bible, etc.
Communicating and Participation: The sessions are held by conference call. The Facilitator will provide the number, and passcode. Participants should limit background noise and distractions. A computer is not necessary, but the facilitator can use the platform, or other A3CEES web-based facilities so participants can see the facilitator. This is an option and not required.
Cost: Each participant is responsible for the cost related to the phone call or computer time where applicable.
Volunteering: Participants are not required to attend.  Attendance is open to all comers. All participants are subject to the policy in this guideline, and should arrive on time.
Time Sessions: Sessions will last one hour in duration. The search and discussion period is usually about 50 minutes and prayer period 10 minutes.

Prayer Requests and Prayer Limitations/Etiquette: Due to the limit of time, the facilitator will ask for prayer requests. The facilitator will ask for volunteers to pray. Persons praying must avoid praying about the details of anyone's personal life. Examples of too much detail and unnecessary disclosure:
Example 1:John and Mary Doe have marital difficulties. "Dear Lord you know we pray that John will stop beating Mary like he did last night."
All that is necessary is to pray for the healing of the marriage.

Example 2: A wayward son or daughter. "Lord we pray for Jane. She's living as a prostitute." All that is necessary is to ask that Jane be delivered from her life style.

Example 3: The Jones family is having a new home built. This does not mean the Jones' should not be in prayer, but we want to safeguard against persons who want to indirectly indicate their status or material possessions. Save this kind of prayer for your personal prayer time.
However, if the Jones' don't have a home, and they seek a place to live by all means this is a matter the group desires to collaborate in prayer.

Example 4: Mary is given a terminal prognosis. "Dear Lord we pray for Mary. Her family does not care. There's no money to bury her..." Lord, we pray for Mary. You know the doctor's conclusion. You know the family support for her. Lord guide me on what I need to do.
The bottom line is that you can pray all the detail you desire when you are alone. But when the prayer is shared before others we need to use discretion. We do not desire to gossip through our prayers. We do not desire to enable materialism.  The most mature prayers are those emphasizing kingdom building, saving the lost, healing and equipping believers for service, support for families and singles, and persons working in ministries and preparation for ministry.

Prayer for Healing, Recovery and Ministry
No one is healed to sit.
You are healed to worship and serve!

 (Luke 17:12-19; Philippians 4:6-7; James 5:14-15; James 5:16)

Lifting Our Brothers and Sisters in Prayer 2017

Allan (Cancer)
Manning family (Son)
DavidSon family (bereavement)
Linda Carter (Health)
ShaQuila Broxie Smith (md)
Charles DavidSon (Stroke recovery)
Howard Bryant Sr. (Heart surgery)
The Gibson's Grandson, Eli Inyang (Heart surgery)
Almein (Heart surgery recovery)
Monica and daughters (safer location)


Make Disciples
The mission is the same in the 21st Century as the First Century

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Worship means bow-sacrifice/pray. Give nothing, anything, or everything.  Just do not lie (Act 5:1-5; 20:35)
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Impact for Christ

We are honored to dedicate the prayer and healing program as the Shelia Blair Prayer and Healing Place.
Shelia was a regular participant of the Amazing Things experience. She was incredibly diligent concerning the word of God with an unquenchable thirst for righteousness. We'll miss her, but we'll see her again on that Amazing Day!
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