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Become a Christ-based Counselor for every kind of family and personal issue. Counseling based on the life of Jesus. Click Here

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Develop believers through every difficulty by helping them learn faith-life skills of every important principle and practice in the faith. Click Here!

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Join us every Thursday evening for the Amazing Things Assembly (phone and web conference). An hour of Bible-life discussion, and prayer. Click Here!
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2016 Accomplishments

During the year, we reached more than 2.6 million people for Christ.  There were more than 300,000 acts of participation in Christ-based programming. We use 21st Century technology to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ for eternity.  We are so thankful to all the Christ-based followers, the Christ-based team, and most of all the King of kings!  If you have found this site helpful, and you would like to help us with this work click HERE

Desire to know more? Dr. Steven B. DavidSon, the nation's Christ-based leader

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Dr. Steven B. DavidSon
About the ministry and ministry leader
Christ-based Live Bible Commentary

Would you like to go through the Bible in a year, or you want a commentary that is update each day. You can view Dr. DavidSon's daily notes.

Click here for commentary.
TRD Ministries

A ministry designed for troubled and challenged teens and young-adults. There are exercises, information for parents, and other support by Timothy R. DavidSon the son of Dr. Steven B. DavidSon.  He includes his book

Would you like to go through the Bible in a year, or you want a commentary that is update each day. You can view Dr. DavidSon's daily notes.

Click here for TRD Ministries.
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Christ-based Books and Publications

Dr. DavidSon has written a number of books and has hundreds of publications.  These can be viewed with Google searches and visits to blogs and books stores on-line

Barnes and Nobles: (Weight Management, Sexuality, Christ-based Counseling Handbook, The Believer from Milk to Maturity)
Barnes and Nobles:  Testimony of a Teen Sinner, Conformed to the Image of Christ, Timothy R. DavidSon
WordPress Blog:  DavidSon Christ-based Concepts
National Press Articles:
Christ-based Counseling Services

Counseling is available by Skype,, or by other methods worldwide. No pyschobabble analysis. No psycho-zero causes. You can expect Christ-based approaches to the issues challenging believers: ADHD, marriage, crisis, tragedy, anxiety, addictions (drug and alchohol, pornography), weight management.  Get started:  1. Complete the intake form. We'll give you a call or email. 2. Complete the healing and wholeness assessment 3. Begin the Process of Being Made Whole: Begin with this link.
Return to Him (The Believer's Development from Beginning and into the Future)

Perhaps you never belonged to a church, or never entered a program to develop you from A to Z in Christ.  Become the informed, encouraged, empowered follower of Jesus Christ  Click Here!

   Dr. Suzy Thompson, Giftedness

Christ-based Counselor and Giftedness specialist, Dr. Suzy Thompson is one of the few Giftedness professionals with a faith-perspective. We support her completely as an alternative and opportunity for children and youth diagnosed with hyperactivity and attention challenges. Visit her site.
Return to Him, Fact Checks Sheet, and Statistics
A chain is only as great as it's weakest link.  Do you desire to save America. Save the black family
The information provided is for research, discovery and discussion on various viewpoints.

Return to Him, Facts Check Handout:  Use this to share, discuss, and take action. Pdf  Word.doc

Family Statistics and the Impact of the Music

Teen Link Impact of Rap
Journal of Black Psychology findings:
American Academy of Pediatrics

Root Cause for African American Depravity

Speculated Root Cause 1
Speculated Root Cause 2
Speculated Root Cause 3

Discussions of out of wedlock Statistics

National Review
Out of wedlock births

Defending Stats as women choosing not to get married:

Prison Statistics

Top 10 facts

The rate of incarceration has grown since 1960

Burea of Prisons

Faith and crime:
Church Statistics

A close look at church attendance in America

Church attendance trends

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The Christ-based Weight Management Sessions
Other Christ-based Weight Management Resources:

Virtual Seminar:  Go through each slide before beginning the program
7 Powerful Principles and Testimony
Forty-day calendar (Excel)
Forty-day calendar (Pdf)

#CBNationalCrisis FACT-Sheet: The nation is only as strong as the weakest link.  The African American family is in the greatest peril. This is a national crisis. Strengthen the African American family, strengthen the nation.  The FACTs illustrate, there's only one way. Return to HIM: Full Administrators'/Leaders' Version Pdf  Word   Handout Versions-Trifolds:  Pdf   Word  1 Page Talking Points version:  Pdf  Word.
Christ-based Counseling Nationwide
The Process of Being Made Whole

Regardless of where you are in the nation, if you desire counseling support:  Use Step 1. If not go to Step 2.

Step 1: 1. Councare Brief (Read, and state that you have read completely and agree,
return via email:

Step 2: READER (Please download the Process of Being Made Whole Reader)
Use the Reader  to answer these questions: 1-50
Use the Reader to answer these questions: 51-100

Step 3: View the core video in the Process of Being Made Whole

A Christ-based Counselor will support you by a number of on-line sources: (Skype,, Google, etc.);

Three Powerful Principles Video, PowerPoint & RSO Covenant

The video Part III, Faith
Three Powerful Principles (pdf)
Three Powerful Principles (ppt)
RSO-Redeemed, Strengthened, Overcomer Participant Covenant

Let Us Walk by the Same Rule
Doris Willis

Building healthy relationships is a key characterstic of those of us who love Jesus.  Doris has extensive Christian and church related experience.  She is the wife of Larry Willis, Pastor of the Morse Street Baptist Church in Denton, Texas.  Bobbie and I, and the Christ-based team have known them for several years. We strongly recommend this book.  There's no question it is a Christ-based work.