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 Christ-based Weight Management (CBWM), What is It?

 The growing popularity of NACCBC’s Christ-based Weight Management program calls for a brief description of the program, and why it is so powerful.  When persons become aware of the successes, they naturally ask, “What does it involve?”  A response that it is “fasting” is an extremely unfortunate and inaccurate portrayal of the program.

The program is based on dynamic Biblical truths concerning food’s origin and disposition, the digestive system, and Christ-based empowerment.  The focus of the program emulates Jesus and His categorization of food.  Clearly, all food for our physical health is not natural food.  Nevertheless, natural caloric principles are also employed along with medical considerations.  Sound spiritual and practical support practices also mark the programs activities.  The outcomes exceed explanation available in the medical or nutritional sciences.  When the points above are combined with the believer’s personal degree of faith, a liberating power is unleashed in the believer’s life.  The chains of bondage to food, or food addiction are broken.  Stated simply, “…know the truth, and the truth will make you free (John 8:31 -36) “

Christ-based Weight Management, What it is Not!

Anyone categorizing the program as detoxification, or mere fasting is greatly misguided.  Persons who are involved in the program testify of numerous advantages that belie human reasoning.  Moreover, fears of regressing or regaining weight only occur in connection with prevailing health issues, or where persons have not employed the principles as a way of life.  Thus, the trade marked theme, captures the Christ-based essence of the program. 

“We don’t diet,
We live by it,
      ‘The Living BreadTM.’”

  What Else Distinguishes CBWM?

There are literally hundreds of diets on the market.  However, diets are food  plans.  They are designed to reduce caloric intake along with other consideration.  However, diets do not empower people.  The Christ-based program empowers believers to do what most never thought they could do.

 Who is Most Likely to Succeed?

 Another aspect of this program is that only maturing believers can fully appreciate and employ the principles.  This is not a program for everyone.  It certainly is not for unbelievers, or skeptical believers.  The program is for persons who have a deep and abiding personal relationship with the Living Bread, Jesus Christ.  These persons who are weight challenged, or those who simply desire a better way hold a high likelihood of success.  

Systematic Discipline

Another important factor is that the program tests the resolve within the first days, and builds upon early success.  The believer systematically progresses through undeniable and effective  Biblical principles such as the Seven Days of Heaven, and Forty Five Days to Glory.  The progression is designed to seal the program’s principles as established behavior in the believer’s life. The program integrates the dietary principles demonstrated by Jesus into the life of the believer.

 The Evangelistic Factor

The evangelistic opportunities represent the most devastating blow to demonic authorities.  Believers testify that the curiosity of co-workers, colleagues, relatives and others open a pathway to sharing the Gospel. Participants are instructed to use the opportunity to introduce Jesus Christ to those who do not know Him.

Participants know that unbelievers will not understand the spiritual principles underlying this program (I Corinthians 2).  The natural man cannot understand spiritual things.  And even some  believers will not be able to understand the principles.  Nevertheless, participants present Jesus as the answer to man’s eternal and natural existence.

A Final Word!

 Annually, 400,000 people are dying in the United States due to obesity and excess weight related illnesses.  This problem is as evident in the Church as any other segment of society.  Most people readily admit that obvious sin such as adultery, lying, gossiping, homosexuality, abortion and similar activities deface the local church. However, it is conceivable that Satan’s most devastating blow is the subtlety, but deathly impact of our inability to control our food consumption.  Although eating is the bodily function involved in the first sin, it’s rarely the focus of attention in churches across the nation.  The people perish for the lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).  What an unfortunate situation.

However, it is a marvelous testimony to the world that believers have the answer.  There are those who know the truth, and they have discovered the power to overcome their obsession with food.  And now, you have the answer. The only question is will you do the same?

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Notice:  Believers and all others are directed to seek medical approval, and no one should begin the program without a complete implementation of all the program’s activities.  

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