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Welcome to the new Christ-based Counseling certification program 2015. It's  streamlined, but substantive with nearly all video requirements. It is a simple as 1,2,3.  Approximately 10 hours. Cost: $100.00

Caution:  This program relies extensively on Christ-based integrity.  Do not view the videos unless you plan to complete the certification program.  Thank you.

1. Complete the application (30 minutes).
2. Print or make a favorites link and read the Laws and Policy (1 hour). We'll send the passwords when we receive your application.
3. View each video (8 hours). Or view the PowerPoint slides provided when your application is submitted. See videos below:
4. Print or make a favorites link and read the Counseling Plan (30 minutes)
5. Send an email that you have completed 1-4 above.  Use certifcation letter. Send it to:
6. Submit your fee. Click Here
7. Recieve your certification.  Allow 14 days by mail.  Or if you desire an electronic version 24-48 hours.

"You'll be certified to serve the Lord in a powerful way in hours!"

Optional:  Would you like Faith-life Coach credentials:  Click here.   
Would you like to convert your certification requirements to degree credit: Click here

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Please, do not view these videos unless you plan to complete the certification.  Click on the PLAYLIST button in the upper left-hand corner on the screen below:
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