Church Believers and Leaders Development Program online

This program is a pilot offered to church-members at no cost. It augments the church's Christian Education program, and ensures that every member has available a systematic program covering every essential skill, principle, and topic believers need today.

Imagine providing a fully administrated web-based disciples and leaders program for your members they can access 24/7/365. Church resources: No church resources required. We recommend a church announcement about the availability of the programming, and add a link to the church's Christian ed. website: Http:// A local administrative contact is also advantageous.

Recommended Participants: New believers, leaders, aspiring ministers, anyone desiring a complete development program covering all critical areas of the faith.

Course Requirements: 

Enrollment: Church members enroll as they begin the first course including name, email, church. Or they can complete a full application if desired.

Literature (optional): The Believer from Milk to Maturity.

Course Requirements (30 brief courses, 3 Divisions: Milk, Manna, Meat). Self-paced.

Each course:

Watch video (10-25 minutes)
Read course material 1-4 pages (optional)
Answer: 10-20 questions
Submit questions by email to

Alternative scheduling: The program is designed to be self-paced, but churches can create group scheduling concluding with a graduation if desired.

Required Support: Each participant must have internet access via mobile or desktop platforms.

Denominational Dogma: We do not offer any denominational dogma. Each church is responsible to provide any specific dogma not covered (e.g., sprinkling/baptism)

Please see the orientation video (25 mins), and first 12 courses at

NOTICE: This program is to help members cover the most important faith-life principles, but is not the certification program.  Persons desiring certification
would be subject to the normal processing and fees (reduced group fees for church members).

Clint Starnes
Faith-life M2M Associate Director
Email: Program Administrator

Dr. Steven B. DavidSon
Pastoral Oversight, Executive Director