Welcome to the nation's top Googled online "College and Seminary System for Mature Adult Believers." The International Bishop's and Pastor's Seminary is a real-time, full service program for experienced-adult believers. Do you have a degree from a secular college, or perhaps you are bi-vocational and you desire an applicable Christian program that is cost and time sensitive. Need to avoid theory and philosophical exercises, and need real-ministry courses readily applicable to local needs, this is the program for you. 
Christ-based Ministries
Note: We are a virtual educational  institution.  Please correspond by email, and on-line buttons.  It allows us to provide services much faster, and reduces student costs. Please use these forms of correspondence. We encourage visitor appointments.  Please contact us.  
"National Pentecostal Seminary" is a U.S. Service Mark SM of the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems, 2011-2016"
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Great News!  Celebrating three decades of service, January 2015 applicants will be scholarshipped. See details: (amount, programs, how courses are completed, and application link).
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This school grants degrees exclusively
related to Christian ministry. This is clear
in our catalogs and other media. There are
requirements substanially similar to secular
adult post-secondary education. The Texas
Supreme Court has established that religious
institutions are uniquely different, and have
the right to establish standards for religious
education and ministry.
See Court Summary, News Article 2011
     Mentor: Dr. Jerry Huey
     Program Advisor:
    Phone or text: 708 232 3370