Christ-based Concepts

Integrated Families

Christ-based Counseling notes and insights on Natural and Step-Relationships: Trying to become one as a couple, and the additional dynamics of children is more than a challenge.  Discipline, life-flow, consistency and balance is a struggle for all families.  Learn the Christ-based Counseling concepts to assist you with the most trying natural and step-relationship issues.


The Case for Spanking(CLS XX2) Biblical counter to the psychological based studies that are completely void of spiritual truth.  The "typical" psychological view is against spanking.  That's not unusual.  The basis of psychology originated from atheism.  The principal argument that spanking causes violence is the classic anti-Christ tactic of calling a truth a lie, and a lie truth. Vast sections of society have stopped spanking since Spock's advice in the 1960's and this along with other factors is a contributor to parental futility with disrespectful and uncontrollable children.


Child Abuse Facts
Counselors need to know the lawful responsibilities concerning child abuse.  This includes the many forms of abuse and reporting requirements.  This presentation provides Federal Statutes and the State Law of Texas. Counselors are advised to check with legal counsel in their respective states for the appropriate laws and policy