Christ-based Concepts
Mood Disorders

Joy Therapy, a Christ-based approach to mood disorders (DepressionCBC 523)This is  a Christ-based alternative for persons who have been diagnosed with depression. The easy to follow steps are specifically outlined in the  book of Philippians. Now, you have a counseling therapy where Jesus Christ is the author and empowerment. This is a therapy that can change you, your circumstances or both. A caution is also provided for persons who are currently using  prescription therapies.
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On-line Course: CBC 523 Therapy for Mood Disorders

Diagnosed as BiPolar:  A syndicated radio program receives a call from a guest who identifies herself as bipolar. The host replies, "my goodness, half the nation is bipolar."  The point was clear. Some diagnosis is beyond explanation. Whatever the case, this may be an answer for you.Password required.  Request it from

Christ-based Disorders CBC 630: One or more of these could be the root cause for mood disorder, habitually poor decision making, incessant crying, hypertension, acute worry, sleeplessness, restlessness, unexplainable weight variation, irritability, severe loneliness, relational incompatibility, and related medical problems. Only a Christ-based approach can cure Christ-based deficiencies (Also in tract form on request)

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Assessing the Effects of Drug Therapy
(Required Literature: Your Drug Could Be Your Problem, Breggin and Cohen)