NACCBC is the U.S. Service Mark SM of the Association of Christ-based Clergy, Counselors, Educators and Educational Systems, December 2010
Faith life Application
Section 1. Counselor Designator
Date: (Month)
Section 2. Counselor Education (if any)
Please provide the name of schools and colleges. Begin with the most recent.
Section 3. High School Education
Section 4. Written
Testimony   Please give a testimony of your Faith and your
interest in NACCBC.
         Be sure to include when and how you became a Christian:
Check all of the information and be sure that it is correct:
If you have graduate transcripts, be sure to scan them, and email them within two weeks of this application.
New for 2015 is our speed-delivery program. Become a Christ-based Faith-life Coach TODAY!

1. Complete the application (30 minutes)
2. View each video (Trimesters I-III below:)
3. Print and/or create a link to the Laws and Policy (1 hour)
5. Print and return by email the Certification letter (30 minutes)
6. Pay the certification fee: ($100.00).
7. Receive your faith-life coach certification (7 to 14 days mail), or opt for
electronic version (24-48 hours)
All times are approximate.

Consider transfering your Faith-life Coach credits to A Christ-based Seminary degree program