Christ-based Weight Management
2004, 2012
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Dr. Davidson

I'm just letting you know how things are with me regarding CBWM.  I've been staying the course...  I've lost a total of 35 pounds.  .  I went to the gym today to get measured and I have lost a total of 18 inches since the last time I measured on January 20th. Praise the Lord!!  I still have a lot more weight that I want to lose.  I know that the Christ-based way is THE WAY!  Stacy

Dr. Steven

Your program is a blessing because it has confirmed what I have known all the time.  Weight lost is a benefit of our commitment to Christ in our obedience to his word. Also, before I began involved in this Christ based management class it was revealed to me that the adversary attacks us bodily as well as in other areas.  I have lost 4 lbs since becoming a participant of the Gamma Live By It Group.   Spiritually, and physically it is a blessing and a testimony I have shared with my friend who was looking for regiment that she could live by.  So know I will be helping her and possibly her husband. God Bless you Dr. Davidson and your family for allowing you to exercise your faith and obedience to this awesome task.  You have been a tremendous BLESSING!  I pray that you continue to help us be all that Christ intended us to be for his Glory.  Carol Malone

Good Morning Dr Davidson,

 I work up this morning... God on my hands and Knees, Prayed, Read the Word....and got on the scale and can say that my scale showed the lowest weight it has ever shown since I owed it.....

I am in the Gamma group....( and the reason is the first time I didn't know about your program when the Alpha's group went and the second time was very excited and wanted to join Beta's group.. but was unable to make the kick off meeting on Sat... which has placed me in the Gamma group.. Not because I am a nay-sayer or have to be proven...on the bell curve :)    so my heart and attitude is like that of an Alpha... but God for his purpose placed with with the Gamma group... I have already been blessed with as a result........ 

I have been thanking God for you and how He has placed you at Westside to help so many... You have personally been a blessing to me by sharing the gift and wisdom God has placed on you with the Christ-based Management Program... I know it has taken a lot of time out of your schedule, but, please know you are touching and blessing people....

I have three children (4,8,13) and prior to having my last son, I could always get back down to a size 6 in which I felt great about. However, after I had Bryon I got on a birth control shot and started to blow up... I was very embarrassed to say (my husband doesn't even know) close to 200 pounds... I think the scale was 187 when I cried about a year at my doctors office. Although, I got off of the shot and lost some weight immediately... My weight has been on a stand still for over a year and I could not seem to lose any more. I was growing spiritually yet like you I started to begin to think I had three children I am closer to 40 now... and it was my destiny to remain in the 150's.... even though I was not pleased with my whole self... because from a physical perspective I felt trapped and had to remain this way.. I had tried Wait :) Watcher, Low carbohydrate diets,  hired a personal trainer etc... and still did not lose any weight.

When I heard about your program which was inspired by God...I knew it was for me... and I knew I would experience success..... since when it is to glorify God and God is the center... we will never fail..........and Halleluiah, Praise the Lord....I stand correct... The most important think is my attitude is back to knowing this is a spiritual battle in which the devil was trying to defeat me... by allowing me to feel I could not lose any more weight... and to eat whatever I wanted since it didn't matter since I was stuck... so I could continue to gain 5-6 pounds and lose them....Even thought I rarely eat pork or beef (since it tears up my stomach) and I generally eat decent... I was not losing weight... but the key is 100 percent turning it over to God and seeing His wisdom in this battle...It is clear to me now that I needed God's perspective on food and eating habits.... I have never seen this in the Bible the way I saw it in our kick off class on Saturday... How enlightening....

For this first time this week, God allowed me to see a vision of the way I will look... I saw the weight off of me.... It was a Halleluiah Praising moment....

Theresa Evans

Dr. Davidson,

Five days into the Seven Days to Heaven I can't believe that it never occurred to me before to surrender the authority food was having over me to God.  Now I start every morning thanking Him for empowering me to win my battle with food addiction and praying for His continued strength throughout the day.  Then I do some Bible reading, do some praisercise and before I know it the day is over.  Adding the critical piece, the spiritual component, has given me hope where before there was simply resignation that with age comes weight.  I truly believe now that through continued focus I can put food in its proper place in my life and continue to grow spiritually.

Thank you and feel free to use my personal testimony. Melanie Gregg

Dr. Davidson

I am grateful that God placed this program upon your heart.  Thank you for sharing this program with me. Jacqueline Drakes

Congratulations Dr. Davidson!  This ministry has been a blessing to me.  God Bless, Barbara

 Dr. Davidson

Bless you and thanks for sharing your life saving program with us.  God is truly blessing us through you.  Betty Thomas

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